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M2M SIMs come in all different configurations based on data usage, geography, aggregated or non aggregated. Most M2M data SIMs have a dynamic IP address. We also offer M2M fixed IP SIM cards or M2M 4G static IP eSIMs.

They come as simple as the EE M2M SIM for the UK which is great for single network coverage. If you want massive data in the UK the O2 Unlimited data SIM is by far the best option.

o2 unlimited data SIM
O2 Unlimited Data SIM Card UK
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Multinet M2M SIMs
We offer M2M Multinet SIMs that operate on multiple networks in the UK, Ireland, Europe and the USA. Multinet M2M SIM cards are the cheapest M2M SIMs for multi network coverage in UK, EU and USA.

Multinet M2M 3 Networks UK and Ireland
Multinet M2M 4 Networks UK and Ireland
Multinet M2M UK EU and USA
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Three offer 6 global M2M SIM cards, ranging from Tier 3 to Tier 8. These any network M2M SIMs get you roaming coverage in more countries with multiple network coverage in most cases. The Three M2M SIMs offer exceptional value in the lower tiers, whilst the higher tiers might offer coverage in countries that you might not find with other M2M SIMs.

Three Multi Network M2M SIM Tier3
Three Multi Network M2M SIM Tier4
Three Multi Network M2M SIM Tier5
Three Multi Network M2M SIM Tier6
Three Multi Network M2M SIM Tier7
Three Multi Network M2M SIM Tier8
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Zoned M2M eSIMs
The Zoned M2M eSIM range offers the best value for money for more networks per country than any other M2M SIM. Starting with the Zone 1 M2M eSIM with all four networks in the UK and multiple networks in Europe up to the Zone 5 M2M global eSIM with 160 countries and nearly 360 networks.

The M2M eSIM can also be found in a Pay Per Zone format, saving you big money on small data in expensive countries.

Pay Per Zone M2M eSIM for More Networks
M2M eSIM Zone 1 UK and Europe with More Networks
M2M eSIM Zone 2 UK and Europe and USA with More Networks
M2M eSIM Zone 3 Global with More Networks
M2M Global eSIM Zone 4 with More Networks
M2M eSIM Zone 5 Global with Most Networks
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The zoned M2M eSIMs can also operate on fixed IP addresses in the UK, Europe and the USA. Reverse DNS is included. Fixed IP M2M eSIMs can be provisioned on your own Mobile Manager platform in 10 minutes. You can hold inactive M2M SIMs in stock until you need to activate and there is no rental fee when inactive. Coverage on all 4 UK Networks and 90 EU Networks by default.


Bulk M2M data price comparison.

O2 Unlimited UK11£0.05 per gb
EE M2M SIM UK11£1.73 per gb
Multinet 3 UK-EIRE24£2.59 per gb
Multinet 4 UK-EIRE25£2.75 per gb
Multinet UK-EU-USA3262£3.05 per gb
Zone 1 eSIM3393£3.92 per gb
Three Multinet Tier 353117£4.52 per gb
Zone 2 eSIM3495£6.86 per gb
Three Multinet Tier 470146£9.90 per gb
Three Multinet Tier 589187£24.95 per gb
Zone 3 eSIM93196£26.57 per gb
Three Multinet Tier 697201£48.17 per gb
Zone 4 eSIM134306£138.44 per gb
Three Multinet Tier 7105252£215.00 per gb
Zone 5 eSIM170359£685.00 per gb
Three Multinet Tier 8125281£2150.00 per gb

M2M vs IOT
Maybe you are looking for a M2M IOT SIM card. Most of the M2M SIMs on this site can be either IOT or M2M. We make a simple distinction between IOT and M2M based on data usage.
M2M SIMs normally begin at 500mb data usage per month and can be as high as 200gb. SIM cards that are between 3mb – 250mb of data usage per month are considered IOT, with Narrowband or NB IOT SIMs with 1 – 2mb per month. Please visit our IOT SIM website for IOT data prices and coverage.

M2M Routers
M2MSims recommends the Robustel range of M2M routers. They auto configure on set up and allow you to set signal tolerances. This allows your M2M SIM to select the strongest signal at all times for maximum network coverage.

Robustel R1510 M2M Router
Robustel R1510 M2M Router
Robustel R1520 M2M Router
Robustel R2110 M2M Router
Robustel R5020 5G M2M Router
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